Outstanding Student

The Outstanding Student in Psychology Award is given annually by the faculty in the department to the student best displaying the following characteristics: academic performance, community service, Christian leadership, research achievement, clinical contributions, motivation and attitude, and potential for future contributions to the field of psychology.

Outstanding Student Award-2013Patrick Malaret is the recipient of the Department of Psychology’s 2013 “Outstanding Student in Psychology” award!
2013 Patrick Malaret
2012 Ashley Armendariz
2011 Ryan Michelle Wall
2010 Kaitlin McGhee
2009 Heather Beylik
2008 Joel Johnson
2007 Valerie Elwell
2006 Ciprian Boitor
2005 Cheri Reynolds
2004 Joel Forbes
2003 Jennaya Hicks
2002 Daniel Davis
2001 Megan Moyer
2000 Bridgette Parsa
1999 Alanda Crouch
1998 BlancaRosa Craig
Lisa Sampson
1997 Lynn M. Munson
1996 Ross Andel
1995 Kristine Gleason
1994 Annabel Pelly
1993 Mark Merrick
1992 Christine Kurtovich
1991 Carol Speckman