Douglas Degelman

Douglas Degelman, PhD

Douglas Degelman, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Vanguard University of Southern California

Developmental psychologist Douglas Degelman is a teacher and researcher. One focus of his teaching has been to equip students with the scientific tools to conduct, analyze, and communicate research. Students have co-authored with Dr. Degelman ten articles published in peer-reviewed professional journals (including Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Psychological Reports, International Journal of Aging and Human Development, Journal of Psychology and Theology, Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Journal of Educational Computing Research).

His Web resources (APA Style Essentials and AmoebaWeb Psychology Resources) are used by students and professionals around the world. AmoebaWeb Psychology Resources has been recognized by the APA Monitoras a Web site of the month, stating that the resource “showcases psychology at its best.”

Among the classes that Dr. Degelman currently teaches are Biological Psychology, Theories and Principles of Learning, and Introduction to Statistical Methods.

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